What is jQuery, and why is it so popular?

At some point in web development you will be asked to do something not pre-packaged in a library. So at that point you better make sure you understand how the base language really functions. The biggest reason for this is that for some applications you don’t need cross browser support. Which means that I can take advantage of new advances like css3 which with things like transitions can simplify your code a ton over the use of jquery. Both DOM and javascript have some differences between browsers.

advantages of jquery

The primary jQuery library is designed to be focused and kept tight, eliminating any non-essential features. However, a plugin framework is provided, making it easy to extend jQuery and this includes both official jQuery plugins and thousands of third-party plugins. This means that your page will only download the specific features that it requires. In case you need other features that are not included in the main library, then you can easily get superior-quality downloads online. JQuery allows you to change XML, HTML and XHTML documents including DOM elements as well. Even though with all these features, certain functionalities are limited.

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JavaScript is important for you to learn first if you haven’t done so. Making the most of JavaScript might require using jQuery. The motto of this library is “write less, do more.” It really does allow its users to become more productive, as it reminds them to write less and do more. Let’s start by examining its advantages and disadvantages.

advantages of jquery

If you use jQuery from CDNs , chances are that users would have it preloaded from visiting other sites. Hence the impact on your average response time would be smaller. I’m sure there’s lots more great resources I’m not thinking of or don’t know about, other answerers should feel free to add to that list. Guillermo Rauch’s Blog – Guillermo is another prolific node.js dev, mostly famous for Socket.io and Mongoose. His blog (and his new book, Smashing Node.js are both great resources.


JQuery provides utility functions that aid in coding string iteration, trimming, array manipulation, and many more features. These functions provide seamless integration between JavaScript and jQuery. With these essential utility features, the code writing process will be hassle-free and easier. With these animate methods, you can apply custom animations directly to your website. Some of them are dialog boxes, date pickers and sliders. Users are not required to write separate codes for these functions.

As well as being free and transparent, it is also supported by a thriving community. You can easily seek their help whenever you face a problem. The problem of licensing with proprietary libraries is a thing of the past. You can customize jQuery to suit your needs because it is open source.

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advantages of jquery

In summary, if you’re looking for the best programming language for your web development project, you need to choose JavaScript. Building on that, however, you’re better off using jQuery if you want to create a more dynamic website but don’t want to invest countless hours writing redundant code. So, again, the answers to a jQuery vs JavaScript debate is quite nuanced. Fewer lines of code mean it’s easier to maintain and reuse functions in different places in the code.

Animations and cool effects

Alongside CSS and HTML, JavaScript has become the third major innovation in web development over the last few years. Many browsers use JavaScript as a scripting language for performing dynamic things on the web. With jQuery, you can develop your own plugins or use those created by others. Thus, you can easily extend your project with additional functionality. You can save time by using plugins in jQuery instead of creating these functionalities from scratch, as well as reduce your costs.

By default, jQuery basic syntax script offers wide selection of animation effects; it’s just a matter of selecting what would greatly fit your website. The Full-Stack Java Developer program gives you knowledge of front-end, middleware, and back-end Java web developer technologies. You’ll learn how to build an end-to-end application, test and deploy code, store data using MongoDB, and much more. Developers find jQuery intuitive and easy to learn — this library is built on shorter, simpler code, after all. With simple syntax and open coding standards, developers can shorten the time it takes to deploy an application or site. To add animations to your web pages, you require additional resources.

jQuery Traversing

Its JUST extra functions that handle DOM manipulation and looping. The JQuery javascript file is required to run the commands, while the size of this file is relatively small (25-100KB depending on the server). It is still a strain jquery app development on the client computer and maybe your web server as well if you intend to host the script on your own web server. Provides event methods to trigger and respond to an events on a html page such as mouse click, keypress etc.

  • This can be achieved by making sure links and forms can be resolved properly and do not rely solely on Ajax.
  • These markup-based technologies have been designed to work perfectly together.
  • However, the same website design elements collapse on different browsers and versions.
  • In other words, you will have a hard time debugging because of the intricacies.
  • Drag and drop components or sliders may provide a rich interface to the web pages.

After all, jQuery is a library, whereas JavaScript is a language. It’s best to compare JavaScript with other programming languages to fully appreciate JavaScript’s advantages. The structure is simple for the users as well as the developers. I have also worked with developers that work with nothing but jquery.

Requires understanding of CSS

JavaScript has extremely helpful features to progressively create HTML content for the web. It permits us to add text, joins, pictures, tables, and so forth after an event occurrence (eg – mouse click, etc). JavaScript is an interpreted programming language, intended for making network-driven applications.